Banking FAQ

Below is a listing of some of the general banking questions related to your Rocketoption account. If you have specific questions regarding depositing or withdrawing funds from your account, please see the deposit or withdrawal sections. If you have specific questions regarding Banking this is the right page for you banking faq.
If the question you have is not here, please contact a member of our trader assistance team via our live chat.
Is there a listing where I can view my pending withdrawals or deposits?
You can view a complete listing of your pending withdrawals and deposits under the Pending Requests tab. You can locate this tab by logging in to your account then navigating to the Banking page and then the Pending Requests tab.
Where can I view my past banking transactions?
Rocketoption catalogues all of your past banking transactions in one place that is easy to view and understand. To view your past transactions simply click on the History tab which is located in the banking page.
Is it possible to withdraw my bonus?
A withdrawal of your bonus is possible only after you have fulfilled the terms and conditions related to the bonus. For further clarification see the Bonus Terms & Conditions or contact one of our account managers via our live chat.
How are my banking transactions secured?
Security is our top priority at Rocketoption and our site design incorporates our emphasis on security. All transactions are secured with a combination of security systems, ensuring that your account and banking details are safe and secure. Our transactional security uses SSL (including both ClickSSL and thawte) that goes above the industry standard and ensures that your sensitive information is protected when completing transactions with Rocketoption.
Once I have submitted proof of identification, will I need to repeat that process for each transaction?
No, once you have submitted the appropriate documents to complete withdrawals or deposits you will not need to repeat the process. The documents needed for proof of identification are:
Official ID with picture (not expired)
Proof of address
If credit card was used to deposit funds: Credit card front and back showing only the last 4 digits.
**Please note that if a trader uses multiple credit cards to deposit funds, the documents listed above will be required for each credit card.
Customers will be notified by e-mail regarding documentation required.
How do I close my account?
If for any reason you wish to close your account please contact your account manager or send an email request to [email protected]

Dormancy Fees

If the Trading Account is inactive for three months or more, the Company reserves the right to charge a monthly account maintenance fee.
The exact fee schedule will be calculated according to the currency denomination of the Trading Account and is set out as follows:
85 EUR, 85 USD, 85 GBP, 10,400 JPY, 250 TRY, 90 CHF, 550 CNY, or 5,750 RUB or as changed by the Company and notified to the Client.

Changing your linked bank account

Rocketoption reserves the right to charge you an administration cost of up to $50 for changing your linked bank account.

Delayed validation

Validation is easy. We require an image of a photographic ID and an image of a bank document (usually the top of your bank statement) showing relevant names, addresses, routing and account number data. You upload these files from your computer while logged on.

Rocketoption is both required by law and motivated by security to ensure that all funded accounts are properly validated.

We ask you to validate your account within two weeks of your first deposit, and if you do not we will give you frequent reminders and ample time in which to complete this process. However, if you fail to validate after 8 weeks and repeated reminders, we will begin charging you a late validation penalty fee of $30 per month until your account is validated.

We do not want to charge you this fee – we want you to validate your account. As soon as you validate, we will re-credit your account with your most recent late validation penalty, if any.

Password reset

If you are unable to reset your password online and require assistance over the telephone the following charge will apply.

Flat fee : $20

Repeated small deposit surcharge

We welcome small deposits – which customers usually make to perform a bona-fide test of our system, and we welcome regular deposits (for example by standing order) from customers who wish to implement a savings plan.

However we do not welcome repeated small deposits which cost us disproportionately in banking fees. If we receive more than 4 deposits in a calendar year which are each below $100 we reserve the right to redeem the cost to us in banking and internal administration. We will not make this charge before advising you by email that we will do so and giving you the opportunity to stop the repeated small deposits.

We also reserve the right to bounce, at your expense, ongoing repeated small deposits.

Return of deposits from a bank account which has not been validated as yours

In validating you prove that the source of your money is your bank account, and then your bank account is linked to Rocketoption. If we later receive money from another account – even if it is yours – we may be obliged to reverse the payment, returning it to its source. We charge a flat fee, but your bank or an intermediary may impose additional charges outside of our control.

Flat fee : $30

Card deposits

Where you use a card that is not permitted by Rocketoption (as stated on the deposit page) or use a card that is not associated with your linked Rocketoption account:

  • Rocketoption will reject the payment and may pass on any fees incurred from your card deposit (up to 3%)
  • Rocketoption will charge an additional administration fee. Flat fee : $30

Contacting your bankers

If we have to locate and contact your bank manager to satisfy ourselves regarding matters on your account we will charge $30. You can avoid this fee by arranging for your banker to contact us directly to provide the assurance we seek, should we request you to do so.

Time and materials billing

$100 per hour or part thereof.

Rocketoption reserves the right to charge for exceptional work which falls outside of the normal scope of our business.

Examples : Administering accounts through Divorces, Litigation, Dissolving a Trust, Corporate Account Liquidation.

Rocketoption will not bill T&M in excess of $100 without prior written agreement.

Machinery abuse

Rocketoption reserves the right to charge for inappropriate use of its servers by automated web trading devices which operate without appropriate regard for the Rocketoption resources their devices require. Ordinarily these charges will not be applied without fair warning.